The National Post is one of Lovia's oldest and top newspapers.

History Edit

The Post, as it is commonly referred to, was founded in 1923 as an independent paper in Noble City by W.J. Symore, an American journalism grad. Symore operated the paper from the basement of his rented house, along with two Lovian colleagues. By 1927 he could afford to own his presses due to good readership and profits. By the 1930s it became one of the city's top papers and in 1933 he could afford to rent out offices in the Press Center to become headquarters. Its readership was highest in the 1980s but in the 2000s faced temporary, but good competition from The Noble City Times and La Quotidienne. In 2011 the Post expanded to the internet, founding The Online Post ( as a companion to the ever-popular print copy.

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