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Hugo Chavez died at age 58, leaving many Venezuelans in shock
Brunant election campaign off to start; early polling puts leftists ahead
New Lovian banknotes have reduced counterfeiting by 40% in the past year

Bacon prices expected to spike in the coming year following European downturn
Spain defeats Italy 4-2 to become European U21 champions

St. Marks and Mediterranean leading first league in Brunant after many good results.

Lovia has voted leftist, and a female, leftists and republican has been declared Prime Minister-elect. The final vote in the elections were fairly split between right and left, but which ultimately resulted in a leftist victory. The right wing had two candidates in the running, fragmenting their support, which the left wing quickly moved to back a single common candidate. This new government, comprising republicans, ecologicals, socialists, communists, moderates and even a right-wing minister promise to deliver positive change to Lovia. PM-elect Whithdonck-Malsky was quoted "I thank the Lovian people and their congress for their support. Let those who oppress the poor, those who view women as inferior, and those who promulgate ethnic tension throughout this land shake in fear".
According to the far-right UNS leader Marc Thomassen, he is set to back Neil Hardy as Prime Minister. He was quoted as saying "I have recently been contacted by the CCPL's candidate for prime minister, Neil Hardy, who has asked me to endorse his campaign, stating that the UNS and CCPL should be ideological allies. This is a proposal I will consider carefully, but I would like to see which other candidates are standing. I also need to discuss with my colleagues if we will put forward a UNS candidate." Neil Hardy was quick to deny he approached UNS, though he did confirm they would support CCPL. He was firm in stating that "we won't be providing them with a coalition" nor "ministries for that matter".

Two bombs blew up in a metro station in Alcacer, Traspes, injuring as many as forty people and leaving at least three confirmed dead. It is not known who was behind the attack, though Al-Qaeda and Burenian terrorists are believed to be main suspects. The bombs ripped through the station and the train on the evening for 3 August, in a touristy zone of the city.Among the injured is a Lovian music teacher on holiday and one of the dead is believed to be a suspected small-time Prasian drug smuggler.

The number of people wounded or killed in the invasion of Lovia is believed to total 100 as of 27 May. A number of police casualties were recorded early on in the invasion, and a number of unarmed civilians in Hurbanova were ruthlessly killed by Burenian troops. Most recently, a rogue unit of the Sylvanian militia massacred 39 Oceana people and the Prime Minister has expressed his condemnation of this and the death of innocent Lovians at the hands of the invaders.

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