Lovia - Palati Daidalo - Maze garden

The Maze garden

The Maze is one of the gardens surrounding Palati Daidalo in the Noble City neighborhood King's Gardens. The Maze was officially opened on Wednesday January 16, 2008 in presence of HRH King Dimitri I from Lovia, Sr. Yuri Medvedev, Sr. Robin V. Ferguson and Sr. Lars Washington.

Opening Edit

Lars Washington has done the impossible to have this part of the King's Gardens built prior to his dinner engagement with HRH Dimitri, King of Lovia.

It is a secret of how Mr. Washington managed to take a picture from the balcony on the second floor in the eastern wing of the Palati Daidalo without the King becoming suspicious or even alarmed by the unusual behaviour of his butler, James, in suddenly disappearing whilst organizing the dressing of the dinner table in the The Apollon Salon. James came up with the story that an electricity problem had occured in the Royal Office and that he was anxiously waiting for the technician to repair it. He could only hope the King didn't want to go and see for himself, but he was busy dressing for dinner.

Of course, the King had noticed the giggling servants but had dismissed it as typical female behaviour.

James silently guided the musicians from the small chamber orchestra through the servants' entrance to get themselves organized in the Royal Office, the room with the balcony from where HRH King Dimitri I and his guests would enjoy the stunning views over the The Maze garden.

As soon as the guests arrived, James silently approached the King with the message 'something has been prepared for the King and his party in the eastern wing of the Palati Daidalo.'

Needless to say that everybody involved in the plot became more and more nervous as the deadline neared.

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