The Libertas Mystery


The Libertas Mystery

First Lovian edition cover by The House Publishers

Author Tahrim Veltman
Language Flag of Lovia Small English (translation)
Publisher The House Publishers
Publication date June 24, 2008 in Lovia
Editions One (1st)
Genre Fiction > Action, thriller
Media type Print (paperback)
Pages 251 pp
Rating(s) none
Followed by none so far

The Libertas Mystery (Dutch title: Het Mysterie van Libertas) is a 2008 Libertan action and thriller novel by Tahrim Veltman and translated to Lovian English by Steve Bronstein. Originally being published by Sumer, it is published by The House Publishers in Lovia. The story is set in Libertas in March 2008.

Plot summary Edit

Date is March 2008, we're in Libertas. Eva Meldver, a teenager girl and the protagonist, is wandering and shopping in Wikicity. On her way home, she meets Gerard, who tries to seduce her. She fobbs him off and continues her way home, until she finds out a mysterious man is following her. She finds her house empty and decides to go to sleep. Next morning she discovers ketchup and all kinds of materials and lyrics on the walls. Trying to call the police, she finds out the phone connection is cut off.

At lunch time she and her friend Susan[1] eat together. She tells her about what she discovered at home, and they decided to seek the police themselves. They just say they're to busy and will look at it later on. In town Eva notices the same mysterous man and she and Susan ran off, until they bump on Mr Vineyard[2], their teacher History. Eva and Susan got rid of their stalker and go home, and so does Mr Vineyard. He however finds his house in a terrible state and goes to the police as well. Now they did promise to investigate the case after all.

On television the news broadcasting says in the last week already 8 people went missing. Eva and Susan think this has to do with the mysterious man. At a certain moment they see him in the streets from their window, and watch him with their binolculars. He sees them a fires a shot, but misses. The girls were lucky to see his complexion, his hair color and his eye color, information which they pass to the police. The police investigators find the name Marc B.[3], a person who already came many times in touch with the police.

Then, the real action can begin. The family is disturbed on their family trip, by a mysterious man. Who is he? And what is he after?

Later says the police that the second name of Marc Gerard is. That is the Gerard who has tried to seduce Eva.

Reception Edit

The Lovian magazine Sides rated The Libertas Mystery 2 stars two stars out of five.

References and notes Edit

  1. The original Libertan name was "Suzanne".
  2. The original Libertan name was "Wijnsteigen".
  3. The original Libertan name was "Samir B."

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