The James Farmer Band is a Lovian alternative rock group, comprising vocalist/guitarist James Farmer, keyboardist Seong-han Jheon, bassist Fritz Yellowhair, keytarist Sebastião do Espírito Santo, rhythm guitarist Verdugo da Assunção, multi-instrumentalist Billy Joe Anderson and drummer Michael Schultz.

History Edit

Founded after James Farmer's band Devilface broke up, The James Farmer Band was founded solely to wash his hands of his anti-government days. The band members, all of which were amateurs, were selected from auditions at the Olympia. Keyboardist Seong-han Jheon was a North Korean refugee who was studying at an English-learning school, bassist Fritz Yellowhair was a McDonald's manager, keytarist Sebastião do Espírito Santo and rhythm guitarist Verdugo da Assunção were members of a local Brazilian-Portuguese youth group, multi-instrumentalist Billy Joe Anderson was working at a KFC drive-thru at the time, and drummer Michael Schultz was a janitor for Newhaven City Hall.

In 2003, the band's first album Smile was released after a year and a half in the making. The album was released on Lovilago Music in the Wikinations and on Reprise Records everywhere else. Recorded in the basement of James' home in Ferguson Beach Village (now a part of Adoha) using the LMS mobile recording studio, the album made it to #1 on the Lovia Music Center Chart Index, but was knocked off the charts by Sofia Lilland's Greatest Hits album, only for Smile to knock Greatest Hits off the charts in December, staying at #1 at the end of the year.

Discography Edit

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