The Hi-Hat Demolition Project (real name: Flynn Shields) is a Lovian keyboardist, guitarist, synthesizer player and producer from Pool, Sylvania. He is signed to Warped Records. His experimental music is influenced by shoegaze, dream pop and chillwave. He has worked together with Hyperkids Melody, Beautiful Burnout and Tapedeck Destroyer.

A proficient keyboard player, Shields has been releasing music since 2003. He was "discovered" by Warped Records in 2008. He has released six albums to date.

Music Edit

The Hi-Hat Demolition Project fuses electronica and indie rock. His music, heavily influenced by the dreamy, ethereal sounds of shoegaze and dream pop, doesn't adhere to conventional song structures and is characterized by heavy feedback, drowned vocals, soundscapes and noisy guitar pedals.

On stage, Shields plays together with other musicians, but his studio work consists of solo efforts. He is known for his countless collarobations, working together with a whole array of artists, ranging from Clymene hip-hoppers Beautiful Burnout to progressive rockers Hyperbola.

Discography Edit

Albums Edit

  • It's Allright, Your Parents Are Dead (2005)
  • Music Has Its Moments (2008)
  • Knifes And Spoons (2009)
  • The Truth Within (2010)
  • The King Holds No Secrets (2011)
  • Tracks 2004-2007 (B-sides and rarities compilation, 2011)
  • Swirling Guitars (2013)

EPs and singles Edit

  • Your Sonic Youth Collection Makes Me Envious (EP, 2004)

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