The Garden's Chapel is a little building in the center of the Maze, in King's Gardens. It is the most famous for its beautiful frescoes, painted by an unknown Lovian artist. Although it is called a chapel it isn't used as a religious building at all, but rather as a place to think and is often frequented by royal advisors. For about five weeks, spread over the year, the building can be visited along with the gardens.

Frescoes Edit

The Garden's Chapel is famous for its western-minded frescoes. The first fresco, which is painted above the wooden door, is called The Cardinal Virtues. It allegorically presents the virtues of fortitude, prudence and temperance. The second one is The Parnassus and shows the mythological Mount Parnassus where Apollo resides. He is surrounded by the nine muses, nine poets from antiquity, and nine contemporary Lovian poets. The last one is The School of Athens is one of the most famous paintings in the whole royal collection.

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