The Danger of Justice
The Danger of Justice

The first edition cover

When justice becomes crime

Author George Matthews
Language Flag of Lovia Small English
Publisher The House Publishers
Publication date May 22, 2008 in Lovia
Editions One (1st)
Genre Non-fiction > law, society
Media type Print (paperback and hardback)
Pages 240 pp
Rating(s) 4 stars (Sides)
Preceded by none
Followed by An Old Solution for a New Lovia

The Danger of Justice is a Lovian non-fiction book by jurist George Matthews, subtitled When justice becomes crime. It was published May 22, 2008 by The House Publishers. The book explains the danger of modern justice systems.

Summary Edit

The author explains the history of justice in short and tells about all the benefits of modern day justice and law. Then several examples of lawsuits that were solved by modern justice, but were incorrect in terms of morals. George Matthews explains what went wrong and then analyses how and why this occurs. At last, possible solutions herefore are provided, ending with a conclusion concerning law and the dangers of justice in our society.

Reception Edit

Written by someone who has everything in him to know all about it

The Lovian lifestyle and cultural magazine Sides wrote the following on The Danger of Justice:

The Danger of Justice has proven to be an extensive work filled with analyses and awesome comparisons. A great non-fiction book vs. essay that gives a clear view on modern-day justice, police and politics, written by someone who has everything in him to know all about it.[1]

The book was rated 4 stars four stars.

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References and notes Edit

  1. Source: Sides, June 29 2008.

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