The Count of Sylvania is a classic 1949 Lovian film. It was produced by Transbaum Films.

Plot Edit

The movie is based on a fictional count living in Sylvania (in suggestion to Transylvania). Count Vladimir Kirchoff (played by Arthur Horst arrives from Transylvania and comes to the Emerald Highlands in Lovia. He wants to have a quiet life. He builds a castle in the Highlands, away from all the people. Most people notice he is not out during the day, but only comes out in the night. They begin to suspect he is a vampire. But after he arrives, some children begin disappearing. People begin to suspect the Count of taking the children; he tries to tell the people he didn't do it, but they don't believe him. The count falls in love with a village barmaid (played by Florentine Fortesque), but is affraid of talking to her. But, he gets courage and talks to her. They fall in love, but cannot see each other, since the townspeople suspect him of being a vampire. Also, it is impossible for him to live with a non-vampire. So, he goes into town one night and runs away with the girl to his castle. But, the townspeople, believing he kidnapped the girl, form a mob and head to the castle. There, they burn it down, along with the count and the girl. But, they later find all the children had been kidnapped by a gardener, and that the Count had nothing to do with their kidnapping.

Set Edit

Parts of a castle's interior were built in Transbaum's studios, but the majority of the movie was filmed in Donderstad Castle, Brunant

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