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The Board is a discussion group for all Lovian intellectuals, artists, politicians and everyone else who is interested. Members meet each other in the Halley Tower, a small early 20th century building in Noble City. The group is led by Ferenc Szóhad, member of the CPL.nm, who -when starting up the group- chose not to participate in the 2011 elections, but to spend more time on his artwork and hobby's, one of them being debating.

Membership is free. Meetings aren't scheduled, but organized when a member feels he want to discuss something. Topics include everything that has something to do with society, art, culture and/or politics.

History Edit

The Board started at the end of January 2011. Ferenc Szóhad has been preparing the group together with David York since December 2010. In mid-January the group gained approval from the government, and was provided space in the Halley Tower. According to a government spokesman: "The Board is a political movement nor a activist group, but rather a social and intellectual improvement for the political lobby in Lovia. [...] Ferenc [Szóhad] is a respectable former MOTC, but we will supervise some things, such as finance and maintenance, in order to prevent him from starting a so-called mouthpiece for his opinions." Ferenc Szóhad stated that "I will provide the rightist members their fair share in speaking time."

Discussion room Edit

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Members Edit

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