That Pitte

The valley.


The map of waters in Oceana; that Pitte being the depression between Thatrensh and Barstow River.

That Pitte (Oceana pronunciation: [t̪ʰat̪ 'pit̪ʲə]) is a valley in the central eastern part of the Lovian State of Oceana. The valley formed as a sinkhole in the karst landscape and the lower part is filled with a lake, Lake Vizzock, this lake is not fed by any rivers or streams, but instead is filled because of the groundwater level, which lies at approximately 25 meters above sea level. Several streams flow through That Pitte: incoming streams are Thatrensh, Johnsilver Stream, and Snalter Stream, which converge and form an confluence nearly at the same spot. After this confluence, the small river is called Near That Pitte, which runs in a small basin in the hillside, which prevents it from descending into Lake Vizzock, and thereby preventing all of the depression to fill with water. Then, the river Near That Pitte flows into the Belni, a bifurcation of the Vax, to form Barstow River.

That Pitte is well-known throughout the state for its beauty and is seen as an unspoiled natural region, even though it is pastured by locals from Boynitz. In recent times, the area becomes more well-known with other Lovians as well, especially day-trippers from Noble City.

Administratively, the area is divided by the districts of North Coast, Oceana Emeralds, and Beaver River Mouth, and is therefore in its entirety a part of the canton of East Hills.

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