Terry F. Ranch (born October 8, 1945) is a Lovian-American businessperson living in Sofasi. He was the third director of the Sofasi Diamond Bank from 1973 until 1980. After that he has been the director of Ranch Investments, founded in 1983.

Biography Edit

Ranch was the son of Fred Ranch, an American-born real estate agent and Rebecca Rodriguez, a nurse. He married three times, but divorced three times, having seven children with four women.

Ranch is a rather wealthy individual whose investments in technology and computers in the 1980s Silicon Valley boom gave him an estimated wealth of around US$78,000,000.

In 2013, he purchased Brunanter football club FC Drenthe as part or Ranch Investments, owning a majority stake in the team. He is the new club president. In 2015, he also purchased FC Hendrikstad, a Libertan-based football club.

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