Temple of Hop-Scotch

Album by Hop-Scotch

Type studio album
Released April 18, 1994
Recorded January-Feburary 1993 at Wisseloord Studios in Hilversum, The Netherlands
Genre post-punk, new wave, alternative rock, avant-garde jazz, post-rock
Label Interscope
Producer Nunzio Inzaghi

Temple of Hop-Scotch is the tenth studio album by Hop-Scotch. Recorded in the Netherlands due to a musicians' strike in Lovia, at first Interscope pressed only 1,000 copies of the album, since they were unsure about the album's success. However, they were all sold within one day at the band's appearance at the Monsters of Rock Lovian Tour show at Overbanken Regional Airport. After a repress, 200,000 copies were quickly sold worldwide. Hop-Scotch toured with a backing back for the first time ever on this album's promotional tour, playing with a backup lead guitarist, cellist, pianist, contrabassist, finger cymbal player, recorder player, flute player, and three saxophone players.

Track listingEdit

No. Title Length
1. "Gossamer"   4:24
2. "Bullet Heaven"   3:15
3. "No Need For Another"   3:56
4. "Long, Dark Place"   2:20
5. "Extra-un-Ordinary"   3:28
6. "Temple of Hop-Scotch"   2:55
7. "A Knife Edge"   6:01
8. "Topographic Map"   2:10
9. "SVO"   3:44
10. "Don't Play Games"   3:43
11. "Last Straw"   1:05
12. "Kidney"   3:18
Total length: