Tania Figueras-Costa Identity
Tania Figueras-Costa
Name Tania Figueras-Costa
Full name Tania Andrea Figueras-Costa
Sex Female Female
Born 18 November 1980, Flag of Brunant Brezonde, Brunant
Home Seal of Noble City Noble City
Functions Ambassador, politician, diplomat
Languages Barzuna, Dutch, English, Spanish
Roman Catholic

Tania Figueras-Costa (born 18 November 1980) is the Brunanter ambassador to Lovia. She took the position from Frank Hagen in July 2012.


Figueras-Costa comes from a Barzuna family. She studied international relations (and Spanish) at the Royal University of Koningstad and was briefly a professor's assistant (2002) before joining the foreign service and being posted at Brunant's embassy in Malta in 2004 (serving as a secretary). In 2007 she was transferred to the Brunanter Embassy in Lovia and took the post of consul. Returning to Brunant in 2010, she joined the Social Democratic Party and was involved in parish-level politics. In 2012, she was selected to replace Hagen as ambassador.