Tan Poh Liang Identity
Tan Poh Liang
Name Tan Poh Liang
Sex Male Male
Born July 2, 1985, Seal of Sofasi Sofasi
Home Seal of Sofasi Sofasi
Functions Tattoo artist
Languages English

Tan Poh Liang (July 2, 1985 in Sofasi) is a famous Singaporean-Lovian tattoo artist and amateur diver. He is mainly known for his tattoo work on celebrities and his legal issues, as well as being considered the most tattooed man in Lovia. He is in relationship with Yunus Xuan.


Tan was born in 1985 to Singaporean parents, who both came in Sofasi from the United States. As a teen, Tan was undisciplined and he constantly caused problems. He was even caught smoking in the school toilets. In 2001, his mother died and this made things worst.

Tan went to Newhaven in order to study in the Blackburn University Center for Third World Studies. While there he got his first tattoo, the kanji character for lion. However, he never graduated and in 2005 he secretly left to travel in the Far East. He visited many countries, including Singapore, Thailand and Japan. Later, he visited Samoa, where he got a pe'a, a traditional tattoo, which covers the body from waist to the rectum and then to knees. He went to Hawaii, San Francisco and then he came back to Sofasi.

Tan worked in the Sofasi Joplings store for a couple of years, before opening his tattoo studio (Inkhell) in 2008. He immediately attracted many customers, especially celebrities. The jobs went really well and soon he moved the studio to the Sofasi Mall. Despite the success though, he continued to have a problematic behaviour; in 2009 he was arrested at the Sofasi Beach on marijuana possession charges and he spent five days in jail; in 2010 he was so drunk that he was singing loudly in the midnight, before being taken home by a friend.

Tan Poh Liang working

Tan in 2011

In May 2012, a few gossip magazines revealed that Tan is in relationship with the well-known model, Yunus Xuan. Tan admitted that to a reporter, stating: "Yes, I'm with Yunus and I want to stop causing problems, so her feelings don't get hurt." In the July of the same year, rumours had it that they are about to get married, but both denied the fact.


Besides tattoos, Tan has many interests. He is a great fan of comics and he loves Andy Bowe's creations. He's also an amateur diver, as he has been twice at the Oceana Reef and he frequently dives at the Sofasi Beach. Tan listens to rock music and has stated that his favourite bands are The Coasters and The Youngsters. He even has been in all of the latter's concerts since 2010.

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