Talk of the Devil

The Lovian Punk Scene, 1977-1985

Author Rick Feilding
Language Flag of Lovia Small English
Publisher Eclectiser Books
Publication date May 20, 2003
Editions 1 (1st)
Genre Non-fiction > The arts; Music (782)
Media type Print (paperback)
Pages 210 pp

Talk of the Devil: The Lovian Punk Scene, 1977-1985 is a book written in 2003 by Rick Feilding.



You might not realise it, seeing as these days, I'm an older guy who mostly just writes books. But I'm a punk fan. And even more so before, in the glory days of punk. In the late 1970s and early 1980s, I lived, breathed, ate and drank punk rock. And clearly I wasn't the only one. This is something that I've only just found out recently: that Lovia once had its own successful punk scene. So, what else was there to do than write a book on it?

Anyone who has ever been involved in the underground music scene will know how music brings people together. Music is a kind of universal language, which anyone can be part of. And the Lovian punk scene definitely understood this. Back then it was all loud guitars and young people singing about how they wanted change in society. It's still like that, except perhaps these days, fewer flags are burned.

Chapter 1: The Proto DaysEdit

Proto-punk was definitely around by 1977 in Lovia. Bands like Living Truth and TCS3 had a sound which for me, is very hard to describe, and you can argue that for the singer, it was even more so.