Svolnick Moor is a swamp in Oceana.

Svolnick Moor Close-up

A close-up of the swamp, showing the diversity in plant life that characterizes the area.

The Svolnick Moor (Oceana: Motshiar o'Swolnick) is a swampy forestal area in the Dien Village district, in the Lovian state of Oceana. In some areas reed canes are more prevalent, while in other areas smaller plants are common. In general, most trees are broad-leaved, in opposition to the rest of Oceana, where conifers are almost exclusive. Throughout the year, most of the region remains flooded and is not very accessible.

The only inhabited settlement in the Svolnick Moor area is Dien Village, which lies on the northern edge of the swamp.

Notable rivers in the region are Dien River, Eastern Kláp, Nahrodin, Svolnick River, Trwa, and Velmnick.

Svolnick Moor is home to many rare and endangered plants, fish, and insects, such as the exceptional konermach tree and the rare Svolnick pine. To protect these rare species, the area is protected by the State of Oceana, but a national protection is an option for the future.

Etymology Edit

The name Svolnick Moor is an incorrect translation of the Oceana name Motshiar o'Swolnick, though some argue that moor might be a corruption of motshiar, which means "swamp". The name Swolnick derives from Slovak svoja linka, which means "its own line", which is a reference to the fact that the Svolnick Moor is the only swampy area of Oceana.

Geohydrology Edit

The Svolnick Moor is a very low-lying area compared to other parts of Oceana. This explains why the area is significantly wetter than other regions. The area does not lie below sea level, and the water from the minor streams steadily flows through the swamp towards the sea. The wetlands are protected from the sea by a series of low dunes, that keep the water on both sides separated from each other.

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