Sven Gerardus Anfius Petrus Paulus Stephanus Plemming (? Pfalz, Germany - † Plemming Forest November 12, 2009), commonly known as Anfii or Sven Plemming, was a Lovian personality and a young poet, writer, painter, and self-proclaimed businessman. He was most notable for inhabitating Plemming.

He died on November 12, 2009. At first his death was not confirmed by best friend Oos Wes Ilava and brother Gustav Plemming, causing rumors in Lovia. Sven Plemming was burried the next day, but neither Ilava nor Gustav could be found at the cemetery. Lovians found it respectless towards Sven and his family. The reason of the two to deny Sven's death is still unkown. Later on they did confirm the death of Sven and said at that he had been burried in Palatinate Germany, as he wished. The funeral in Lovia was with an empty chest.

The Donkey and the Horse Edit

The Donkey and the Horse (original title: Dai Essel ant det Hors) is a Lovian short story written by Sven Plemming, as a tribute to then King Dimitri I of Lovia. It's not certain whether this text is to be taken ironically or not.

Dai essel ant det hors liépan over stritte. Fõrgétan dii tiim nét ant gõn aldrawx. So zág dai essel altégan dem hors: "Wen ex nét wiiter kon, lõt miix nét hinter." Det hors skrok fõn wat hér hẽrda ant zág tégan dem essel: "Wäi so ains dit üprur? Is da get albüranda?" Õnhand der handleng fõn dem essel det in siin gesix se séan was lédda det hors õf det dai essel giskrokan was. Dai essel siin gisix was gõns skéf gitrox ant det hors férsda det wẽrgsa, dox siin férs was ungigrondan. Dai essel zág det égentlex sinsdet da aine sjop wet snup standa. Wen det hors det óx üpmarkda slépda hér dem essel aweg fõn dii sjop ant dai essel liép wér wiiter. Dai essel wäid nii mér giloran sain ant dai essel ant det hors liiwdan nox lank ant wet véler giluk.


''The donkey and the horse were walking on the street. They often looked to their watches and kept moving. Then the donkey said to the horse: "When I cannot move on, do not leave me." The horse was astonished from what he heard and said to the donkey: "What is the matter? Is something happening?" From the tension in the donkey's face, the horse could see the donkey was shocked. The donkey's face was completely cursive and the horse feared the worst, but his fear was not good. The donkey said it because there was a candy shop. When the horse found that out he dragged the donkey away from the shop and the donkey could move on. The donkey would never be lost and the donkey and the horse lived happily ever after and had success.

Ancestry Edit

Sven Plemming's ancestors in three generations
Sven Anfius Plemming Father:
Gerard Anfius Plemming
Paternal Grandfather:
Anfi Peter Plemming
Paternal Great-grandfather:
Peter Paulus Plemming
Paternal Great-grandmother:
Maria Plemming-Offenbach
Paternal Grandmother:
Lucienne Jon Plemming-Hore
Paternal Great-grandfather:
Jon Shar Hore
Paternal Great-grandmother:
Mary William Hore-Neuninger
Frieda Hans Plemming-Lugentwilch
Maternal Grandfather:
Hans George Lugentwilch
Maternal Great-grandfather:
George Wilhelm Lugentwilch
Maternal Great-grandmother:
Marita Lugentwilch-Büch
Maternal Grandmother:
Karla Lugentwilch-von Damme
Maternal Great-grandfather:
Thomas von Damme
Maternal Great-grandmother:
Maria von Damme-Siegfried

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