Suzanna H. Dujardin Identity
Name Suzanna H. Dujardin
Full name Suzanna Harwood Dujardin
Sex Female Female
Born April 3 1979, Seal of Train Village Train Village
Home Seal of Noble City Noble City
Functions Actress
Languages English, French

Suzanna Harwood Dujardin (Train Village, April 3 1979) is a Lovian movie actress and the sister of Kimberley H. Dujardin. They are known as the Dujardin Sisters or Suzie and Kim. They have both Lovian and Canadian ancestors and are the daughters of the famous Lovian actress Charlene Harwood Dujardin, who made it in the American and Canadian film industry in the early 1970s. Both sisters are playing in the 2008 feature film The Lovely by Arthur Jefferson. One of her early roles was as half human, half snake character named Etiss in the fantasy-adventure series Snake Warriors: The Ophidian Saga.

Suzanna is known to be an individualist, while her sister is a more social person. That's partly why Suzanna moved out to Noble City and Kimberley still lives in the parental house.

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