Superfest was a rock festival held on February 26, 1982 at the Old Cricket Field in Portland. The festival was noteworthy because of the importance of the headliner bands that played, and from the size of the crowd.

History Edit

Tickets were $20 ($25 at the gate), 20,000 people attended but at 5 pm Sofia Lilland, during a live radio interview from backstage with friend and festival promoter Scotty Caldera, asked Caldera if she could invite everyone listening to come out and be on her guest list. Caldera immediately agreed and within 90 minutes another 5,000 people poured into the venue, swelling the crowd. The entire concert was recorded professionally, and was released on picture disc vinyl as a box-set by Label Records in association with Lovilago Music.

Groups Edit

The groups were:

Devilface set list Edit

A reviewer saw "six scraggly guys playing guitar, bass, upright bass, and Hammond organ, and a crop-haired singer in long-tailed livery coat and eyeliner, plus a wild-eyed guy with a ever-so-infamous La Baye 2x4 "Six" electric guitar in red. Good ol' anti-government punk rock. A large and vocal following cheers them on, and they play with confidence, as if they belong up front of all those people." James Farmer played the entire set sitting on a spare drum throne with Grace, his pet cat at the time, sitting on his lap. James Farmer later stated "She was trying to lick my coiled instrument cable during "Pretty Vacant". I found it amusing and continued playing."

  1. Self-Control
  2. Liberate
  3. You Won't See The Light
  4. Still Be Happy
  5. The Construct
  6. Society is a Disease
  7. Join Us
  8. Campaign For Truth
  9. Without Moving
  10. Pretty Vacant
  11. Stand In Line
  12. Rooftop
  13. The Heroes of Anarchy

The Ramones Edit

Their set followed an intermission to remove the remains of the Lovian flag blown up at the end of Devilface's set, and they played an hour long show which included "Blitzkrieg Bop"

Hop-Scotch set list Edit

Hop-Scotch played in front of the largest crowds they had ever seen in their career, yet only performed a few songs due to time constraints with a doctor's appointment Stacy Stravinsky had.

  1. My Bathroom Is A Private Kind Of Place
  2. Electric Salad
  3. Weirdos
  4. The Banana Monster from Planet Googol
  5. Blab
  6. Sad Pickles

The Coasters Edit

Their set had them play an hour long show, and Mark Huys famously hit a girl who got up on stage and started dancing with the band with his bass guitar.

The B-52's set list Edit

Performing the strongest material from their first two albums and the Mesopotamia EP and debuting much of the Whammy! material before the largest audience that ever came to one of their Lovian shows.

  1. Cake
  2. Whammy Kiss
  3. Don't Worry
  4. Trism
  5. Butterbean
  6. Queen of Las Vegas
  7. Big Bird
  8. Planet Claire
  9. 6060-842
  10. Devil In My Car
  11. 52 Girls
  12. Quiche Lorraine
  13. Dirty Back Road
  14. Lava
  15. Give Me Back My Man
  16. Strobe Light
  17. Private Idaho
  18. Runnin' Around
  19. Rock Lobster
  20. Dance This Mess Around
  21. Party Out of Bounds
  22. Song for a Future Generation

Sofia Lilland Edit

Sofia performed much of the tracks from her previous releases.

Devo set list Edit

A long, 2-minute intermission was taken to remove tarps off the stage. A reviewer stated "At the beginning of the show, the crowd could see nothing but a curtain-covered stage with the backing track playing. Then, the curtains pulled back and the full Aztec temple w/ treadmill stage was revealed with the band members dancing on the treadmills, and the crowd went nuts."

  1. Nutra Theme
  2. Going Under
  3. Through Being Cool
  4. Jerkin' Back 'n Forth
  5. Soft Things
  6. Pity You
  7. Girl U Want
  8. Planet Earth
  9. Whip It
  10. Race of Doom
  11. Super Thing
  12. Uncontrollable Urge
  13. Jocko Homo
  14. Smart Patrol/Mr. DNA
  15. Gut Feeling (Slap Your Mammy)
  16. Gates of Steel
  17. Beautiful World
  18. Working in the Coal Mine (Allen Toussaint cover)
  19. DEVO Corporate Anthem

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