Name Sunderland
Hexacode KI-CD-SU
Population 168[1]
Language(s) Lovian English, German
Location Seal of Kings Cape Donald, Kings
Next to Beaverwick, Bergdorf, Nordhorn

Sunderland is a Lovian hamlet in the state of Kings. Sunderland is located in Cape Donald, Kings, a few kilometers north of the Deluded Rock. It is near the source of the Deluded Stream, which flows eastward to the Pacific Ocean and Stanley. The hamlet was founded in 1899 by a combination of British and German settlers, and receives its name from the rocky, fragmented in parts, terrain nearby the hamlet. Lovian English is the most common language, but German is also spoken. The hamlet's economy is based mostly on logging and mining, but in recent times, also tourism due to the abnormal terrain found nearby.

References and notes Edit

  1. Census of 2013