Summer Nights is the fourteenth studio album by Hop-Scotch, released August 2, 2002. It is almost entirely instrumental, save for a section on 'We Never See Another Face' which features the highly distorted vocals of Nunzio Inzaghi.

It was recorded April-May 2002 at their studio in Noble City.

The album was somewhat criticised by older fans for being 'too avant-garde', and it was not a commercial success. A poll on Hop-Scotch's official website in 2014 rated Summer Nights as the band's worst album, next to Voodoo Monkey. Despite this, the album has its fair share of fans.

This album also saw the band experiment with online distribution: Lovilago created a 'download hub' for some of the tracks on the album. This tactic was used later to promote Go Forth Again! in 2010.

Track listingEdit

No. Title Length
1. "Whispers and Shouts"   9:32
2. "Processor"   6:00
3. "Let Me Go Now"   7:15
4. "Summer Nights"   5:58
5. "We Never See Another Face"   6:02
6. "Last Day On The Planet"   4:43
7. "A Bad Dream"   4:28
Total length:

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