Stijn Wassen Identity
Name Stijn Wassen
Full name Stijn Wassen
Sex Male Male
Born 7 September, 1984, Flag of the Netherlands Zwolle, The Netherlands
Home Canterbury, Kinley
Functions Association Football defender
Languages English, Dutch
Roman Catholic

Stijn Wassen (7 September, 1984) is a Dutch soccer player at Oaks of Kinley. His position is central defender. He plays for Oaks of Kinley since 2006 and in the 2005-2006 season for FC Zwolle, a club from the city where he was born in 1984 at 7 September. In his youth, Stijn played also for FC Zwolle and other regional and provincial teams. Currently, he lives in Canterbury, a neighborhood of Kinley with his girlfriend and two children: Marie (2009) and Steven (2011). In his career before 2013, he scored once. That was in 2009 in a match against Athina Sofasi.