Steve Addison Identity
Addison Today
Name Steve Addison
Full name Stephen Terrence Addison
Status Citizen
Sex Male Male
Born November 17, 1948, Portland, Kings
Spouse Andrea Mary Salley ( m. 1979 - d. 1985), Lindsey Rhonda Stuart (m. 1991)
Children Martin Walter Addison (b. 1982), Arthur Harrold Addison III (b. 1985), and Patricia Katherine Addison (b. 1992)
Parents Arthur Harrold Addison, Jr. (1916 - 2001) and Shelley Christina Addison (nee Laurence, 1919 - 2013)
Home Noble City, Lovia
2nd Home (Citizen) 10 Baker Street, Darby, Portland, Kings
Functions Novelist, screenwriter, short story writer, journalist, film director
Languages English
Roman Catholicism, later Atheism

Stephen Terrence "Steve" Addison (born November 17, 1948) is mainly a Lovian author of several genres of fiction, most notably fantasy and crime fiction. His books have sold over 20 million copies all over the world, which many have been adapted into various other forms of media, such as TV shows, movies, and plays. Addison himself has written over 60 novels during the course of his lifetime, only of which about 30 have been officially published. Addison has also written over 100 short stories, in which most of them were later added into his main stories.

In addition, Addison has also received over 30 literary awards during the course of his career.