Name Steenveld
Hexacode SY-SH-ST
Population 124
Language(s) English, English
Location Seal of Sylvania Sylvania; Stephen Headland

Steenveld is a Lovian hamlet in the Stephen Headlands, it lies along the main road from Train Village to Charleston. The settlement lies to the south of Mount Cassani and has a moderately sized quarry in the side of the Mountain near the settlement. The settlement is best known for its export of stone goods, which ceased because of the various laws against the exploitation of the land that have been in place since the formation of the Stephen Headland National Park. Steenveld has a wet climate, but low windspeed and generally warm temperatures. Steenveld is neighboured by Headland Lakes in the north, Westen-Holm in the east and Jason's Ranch in the south.

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