Saint Benedict's Church is a Stephen Headland local church with two locations in the region. The primary chapel is located west of Charleston near West Manor, and the second location along the Bonney River at the small Darius' Plantation settlement. The church was founded by the West family in 1927, and the family has been its principal benefactor since its foundation. Originally founded as a Baptist church, Saint Benedict's was affiliated with the African-American National Baptist Convention, but no longer adheres to most core Baptist beliefs, taking theologically liberal and Catholic views on many issues. Its congregation consists mostly of African-Lovians living the area.


Charles Spurgeon Baptist Church was founded in 1927 by the West family as no other Baptist congregation existed in their local area. After a wave of employees from the Southern United States were hired by the Charleston and Port Company in 1933, the church grew in initial size and built a second chapel at the plantation settlement were most of the employees lived. During the famines of the 1950s, the church gave handouts to the affected and provided what it could to the poor. Pastor Benjamin Davis died of starvation because he gave what little food he had to other locals.

During the 1970s, under the influence of a new pastor, Rev. Harris Benson, the church disaffiliated itself from all its Baptist connections and renamed itself St. Benedict's Church, stating a wish to return to 'the Christianity of the ancient church.'


Saint Benedict's Chapel, SBBC

Saint Benedict's Chapel, the church's main chapel.

Saint Benedict's Chapel is the primary chapel of the church, with some thirty members. Its pastor is Reverend Franklin Hughes. The Benjamin Davis Memorial Chapel is the second chapel of the church, located in a small worker's settlement with around fifty members. Its pastor is Reverend William Hill. Both congregations practice the same mass and schedule, with services at 6pm on Wednesdays and services at 11am and 2pm on Sundays.


The church's two pastors both teach that people become true Christians by taking baptism in their life. It is also taught that all people are equal despite any other difference if they are true Christians, and that the purity of the soul can be achieved by allowing the Eucharist into the body. All masses are done in a choral manner, and that praising God and Jesus in such a manner also cleanses the soul of any impurities. The church is one of the most tolerant of all baptist churches in the world, teaching that all true Christians are equal despite their race, orientation, identity, and such other differences. Same-sex marriages are allowed in the church.

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