Spending Cuts is a barber shop located in Downtown, Noble City. It was founded in 1969 by Joseph May, but he had to sell the building so that the Government could build the Federal Tower in its place. These days, the business operates in two rooms on the first floor of the tower.

The shop is famous for providing its services to many Lovian politicians - hence the unusual name of the barber shop - and particularly for its 'Congress Style' which many male MOTCs traditionally have when at the beginning of their term, just before official photographs are taken. PM Yuri Medvedev was the first to break with this tradition in 2008, joking that 'the CPL.nm cannot support Spending Cuts.' Since then, another tradition has arisen that socialist politicians, such as Marcus Villanova and Pierlot McCrooke today, do not patronise the shop.

Although Spending Cuts claimed William Krosby as one of its patrons, Krosby rejected the suggestions, telling reporters he used a 'specialist shop in Beaverwick.'

Patrons of Spending CutsEdit

Disclaimer: you do not have to support spending cuts to use the services of Spending Cuts. It's just that Spending Rises would be a rubbish name for a barber shop.

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