Lovian Southern Cross Alliance
The Lovian Southern Cross Alliance
is a pro-Lovian militant group dedicated to protecting the Stephen Headlands and Charleston for the federal government of Lovia, its dedication to being a moderate liberal centrist group. Its goal is to maintain Oceana from destroying the recently developing Stephen Headland culture. The group is lead by Richard Creed and Charles Alexander Bennett.

After the Lovian Civil War, the Lovian Southern Cross Alliance continued to grow inside of Western Sylvania, while not officially a military orgnisation, it was the most powerful organization among police and firefighters whom after the war sought jobs in public service to continue defending the Stephen Headlands. In late April of 2013, after several signs of activity inside the Emerald Mountains, several Southern Cross Alliance lodges have begun to mobilize, being deployed as "hunting parties" in a similar fashion to Ygo August Donia's Brigade

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