Sorrow is the fifteenth studio album by Hop-Scotch, released August 26, 2007. It forms a double album along with Vengeance, but they were not released together.

The album was recorded at Hop-Scotch's main Adoha studio in February-March 2007. It features the entrance of political themes into their work, such as the song 'Inertia', which is about the 2008 US Election.

Track listingEdit

No. Title Length
1. "Sorrow (Intro)"   0:24
2. "Question of Time"   4:14
3. "Inertia"   2:55
4. "Proximity"   5:00
5. "120% Alcohol"   3:18
6. "Laps Around The Sun"   4:22
7. "Unbeliever"   2:56
8. "Sorrow"   5:13
9. "The Breaking Wave"   3:26
10. "Timeshifter"   4:20
11. "Citizen Action"   2:53
12. "Until Next Time"   1:44
Total length:

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