Sons of Luca
Luca Union
Motto "True to the very end"
Team Luca Union




Established 1977
Membership 2,910 unpaid

Paul Goik

Kelly McPhearson

Marcus Villanova

Ernst Villanova

Lauren Hasd

Kenny Hasd

Thomas Red


Money Raised (For Charity and Team) $58,990.12 (Since 1979)

The Sons of Luca are the soccer and lacrosse support group for the team Luca Union. The Sons were founded by Kelly McPhearson's Brother Paul Goikl in 1977. The group was fouded to raise money and get fans to games. In 1982 when Hedi, the founder of the team, annouced they went under they raised money and helped them continue to play. The support group, in the begining had only 189 members but now have 2,910 members and raise money. The group holds monthly meetings on there home pitch at Luca and Villanova Stadium. In 2011 the group also planned to help support the lacrosse teams in the LSCA Lacrosse League.

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