Someone Like You

Album by Cools Robinson

Type studio album
Released October, 1953 (Flag of Lovia Small)
Recorded 1953
Genre jazz, smooth jazz
Label Label Records
Previous album none
Next album Give Me The Notes

Someone Like You is the debut studio album by the Lovian jazz musician Cools Robinson. It was released in October 1953 by Label Records. The album contains twelve songs wich are all written by Robinson self but also by some other artists: Woody Gauld and Sofia Lilland.

Tracklisting Edit

No. Title Writer(s) Length
1 "When She Comes" Cools Robinson 2:47
2 "Do With Me" Cools Robinson, Sofia Lilland, Woody Gauld 2:56
3 "Someone Like You" Cools Robinson 2:22
4 "Send Me To Her" Cools Robinson 5:02
5 "Togehter We Can" Cools Robinson, Woody Gauld 3:09
6 "If You Want It" Cools Robinson 1:54
7 "Jazz Hiding My Tears" Cools Robinson 4:39
8 "On The Beach" Cools Robinson, Sofia Lilland 7:16
9 "Treaty Of Our Love" Cools Robinson 3:28
10 "Beyond" Cools Robinson 3:10
11 "Remove Me From Her" Cools Robinson 4:51
12 "Helene" Cools Robinson, Sofia Lilland, Woody Gauld 3:47