Sofasi Bredish is a dialect of Bredish spoken in the southern part of Asian Island. Sofasi Bredish originated in Sofasi. It is closely related to Truth Island Bredish. The highest percentages of Sofasi Bredish speakers are found near Feltmolen and Timber Harbor.

Sofasi Bredish is the variety of Bredish most influenced by English. It is characterized by the voiced palatal fricative /ʝ/ and voiceless palatal fricative /ç/ instead of the voiced and voiceless velar of Plains Bredish.

Bredish speakers generally distinguish between Sofasi Bredish and Plains Bredish by determining whether the speaker uses "ven" (Plains Bredish and northern Bredish in general) or "of" (Sofasi Bredish). This method is not flawless, however, because Bredish speakers from Eastwood and Rosswood sometimes use "of" or "effe".

A few words are native to Sofasi Bredish only:

  • gwok ju - Chinese (from Chinese 国语, guoyu)
  • faan - rice (from Chinese 飯, fàn)
  • duutser - grocer (from the Dutch word for German)
  • blutcoost - Asian Island (blood coast[1])

Notes and references Edit

  1. The story goes that in 1891 Dutch gold seekers Pier Kingma and Auke Dykstra got into an argument, after which Dykstra murdered Kingma's family in a fit of rage. Afterwards, Asian Island was known as "blood coast" by residents of Noble City.

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