Snake Warriors

Title card for the show.

Snake Warriors: The Ophidian Saga is a Lovian fantasy-adventure miniseries based on The Ophidian Saga-novels by William Goodwin, produced by Lovilago Film in 1998 and filmed in Adlibita. It was aired for the first time on Lovian television in 1999 and has enjoyed a cult status ever since.

It was released internationally on dvd in 2010. Reruns air on LTS 3 on weekdays.

Description Edit


An extra playing a Demon (set-photo).

The series follow Siran Askald (played by Scott Wilson) and Thragh Boondor (played by Kevin Templar), two brave fellows with a death sentence which they can avoid by joining the Snake Warriors of Ophidia, an elite corps that fights an ancient and menacing evil.

In contrary to the books, the television series is - for budgetary reasons - almost entirely set in one country, Cerdan, a kingdom in the fictional "Half-World" created by Goodwin. Though not precisely located in historical time, the setting has a Medieval feel to to, mixed with obvious fantastic elements.

Production Edit

Lovilago Film started production the fourth and final book was published, made possible by Goodwin's full cooperation. Goodwin acted as a producer, though in reality he was only involved to a certain extent, allowing the people behind the show the necessary creative freedom.

The producers were able to cast some notable Lovian actors, among them the great Sofia Lilland, soap actor James J.K. Wilson and Dujardin sister Suzanna in one of her early roles.

Episodes Edit

The television series counts as many parts as the novels, four to be exact, each one sixty minutes long.

Chaltian Scale Edit


Demon-Mistress Dukad (Dalden Fease).

Bite of the Dukad Edit

  • Production code: SWTOS0102
  • Directed by: Ria Amis
  • Written by: Christian Holmes and Lester H. Stevens

The Skin-Shedders Edit


General Vercer (James J.K. Wilson).

  • Production code: SWTOS0103
  • Directed by: Samuel O'Sylvan
  • Written by: Christian Holmes and Lester H. Stevens

Venomous End Edit

  • Production code: SWTOS0103
  • Directed by: Samuel O'Sylvan
  • Written by: Ria Amis, Christian Holmes and Lester H. Stevens

Cast Edit

Appears in episode Actor Role
1 - 4 Scott Wilson Siran Askald (or Siran of Askal)
1 - 4 Kevin Templar Thragh Boondor
2 - 3 Dalden Fease Demon-Mistress Dukad (leader of the evil Demons)
1 - 3 Moba Otambu Ageech End-Umur (leader of the Snake Warriors)
3 - 4 Suzanna H. Dujardin Etiss (half woman, half snake, part of the Snake Warriors)
3 - 4 Sofia Lilland Empress Owara (of the neighbouring Cham Empire)
3 - 4 James J.K. Wilson General Vercer (loyal to Owara)
4 Lucille French Ophidia the Snake-Goddess
4 Jhon Lewis Gardan, the monster

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