Smith's Interlinear and Commentary is one of the most famous Lovian theological work. It contains the Bible in Greek and Hebrew, the KJV, and an interlinear translation, as well as detailed commentary from the author, Theodore Smith, sr. It is one of the longest books ever published in Lovia.

It is written from a Protestant perspective, theologically.

Summary of content Edit

Volume I Edit

Volume 1 discusses the many different denominations of Christianity. Although Smith mainly focusses on Western Christianity (and has been criticised for this), he also devotes a number of chapters to the eastern church, as well as theological viewpoints considered to be heretical. He discusses the many ways in which the Bible can be interpreted, and gives a lengthy description of Christian history. He acknowledges that irreligion is growing around the world and attempts to answer several criticisms of religion and Christianity in particular. Other religions are also briefly discussed.

Book 1 can stand alone without the other books and is often sold separately. When Jonathan Breyev published his Short History of Christianity, it was essentially a abridgement of Smith's Volume 1.

Volumes II to VI Edit

Volumes 2 to 6 provide detailed biblical analysis. They include the complete text of the King James Bible, as well as a interlinear translation written entirely by Smith. Smith provides detailed commentary in a separate column, where he discusses controversial issues, as well as the difficulty of translating certain passages. These volumes also include essays on the effect of the passages on Western thought and on famous Christian thinkers.

  • Volume II: The Pentateuch
  • Volume III: The History Books
  • Volume IV: The Wisdom Books
  • Volume V: The Prophets
  • Volume VI: The Gospels
  • Volume VII: The Letters of Paul and Others

Volumes VIII to X Edit

The final three volumes are texts from famous theological works. They are discussed in detail by Smith, who shows what he believes to be their good parts and faults. He also describes their effect on Christian belief. Among the texts included are The Imitation of Christ and the Apocrypha.

Trivia Edit

Smith claimed the book had been begun by his grandfather and had been worked on by both his father and grandfather as well as him. Many historians disbelieve this, though others point out how hard it would have been for Smith to write the entire book in his lifetime. Each of 10 volumes has over a thousand pages, and the print is rather small.

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