Slavzdenka Malsky Identity
Name Slavzdenka Malsky
Full name Slavzdenka Zdenka Maria Malsky
Sex Female Female
Born May 16, 1929, Seal of Hurbanova Hurbanova
Home Seal of Downtown Drake Town, Hurbanova
Languages Hurbanovan English, Oceana, Slovak
Roman Catholic

Slavzdenka Zdenka Maria Malsky (Oceana: Shwuefshtenk(e), IPA: /ʃwɔf'ʃtɛŋk(ɛ)/), colloqually known as Jablonskeplodshen (IPA: /jablons(k)plodʃεn/, Oceana for "apple fruit woman") is well-known in her hometown Hurbanova. She has often been labeled a "village idiot" due to her mental challenges.

Her nickname Jablonskeplodshen stems from the fact that she is often seen on the Trh handing out fruit or even pelting people with apples.

Family Edit

As Slavzdenka is mentally challenged, she has never had a serious relationship, nor any children. She does however have a large (extended) family, which includes some of the more controversional people in the State of Oceana.

Slavzdenka has an older brother, Jonas (1925-1955), and a younger sister, Zdislava (1933-2006). Zdislava was unmarried, but did have an illegitimate daughter from an unknown man, Daniella (1958). Daniella herself remained childless, but did adopt Vlodderstaff Podgorie in 1996.

One of Slavzdenka's nieces (on the mother's side) is Anietka Przwalsky-Malsky (1931-2016). One of Anietka's husband's younger brothers was the father of Prishtina Podgorie Przwalsky, who is Vlodderstaff Podgorie's biological father.

Health Edit

Although Slavzdenka Malsky has been mentally challenged for all of her life, she has always been in a good shape physically. However, in December 2014 she got diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease in an early stage. She currently resides in a small, local nursing home in Downtown Hurbanova.