George Coningham Identity
Name George Coningham
Full name George Geoffrey Harrison Coningham
Sex Male Male
Born 1 June 1848, Manchester, UK
Deceased 1 August 1911, Kings
Languages English, French

Sir George Coningham (1848-1911) was a prominent Anglo-Lovian businessman and real estate magnate.


Coningham was born in Manchester, England to an wealthy family. His father Frederick was a businessman and landowner. His mother, Marta Handley was the daughter of Brunant's Princess Augustina, daughter of King Ambroos I.

Coningham established a newspaper in the early 1870s. He was able to make a fortune out of it and became rich on his own. He moved to Lovia in 1881, and married Mariette Esisenhower, a Lovian, in 1883. He had 3 children: Silvia Coningham, George F. Coningham and Chester Coningham.

In Lovia he founded The Landmark Hotel chain in the 1890s and Coningham Properties in 1911. All his children would be involved in business. He eventually retired form business in 1897 and moved to Kings. He died in his farm in Kings in 1911. His daughter Silvia would later take control of the company.