Silvia Coningham (1883-1979) was a prominent Lovian socialite and heiress of a large real estate business.

Biography Edit

Silvia was born in Coningham House (near Kinley) to Sir George Coningham (1848-1911) and Mariette Eisenhower (1862-1957). She was the grandaughter of founding father George Eisenhower. She married Andrew Frederick Ramsley in 1902. She had 2 sons, Albert Arthur Ramsley and Stanley Ramsley and 3 daughters, Isabel Ramsley, Manon Ramsley and Bara Ramsley. In 1916 her husband died in France and she became a widow (for 64 years). She died in 1979 at the age of 96, inheriting an Eisenhower trait of longevity (her mother lived to 96 and her grandfather to 100.

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