Seal of the Grand Interstate Railway

In Lovia, even railways have their own seals

Sigillism or sealism (informal) is the practice of using seals to represent different branches of government or Lovian localities. It may also refer to the massive use of seals and the aspiration of all-over usage. Sigillism is a typical Lovian phenomenon and originated in the use of seals in the United States. Seals are the Americo-Lovian counterpart of coats of arms. Lovia's most prolific sigillist was Prince Dimitri of Lovia, a former King upon his abdication in favour of King Sebastian I of Lovia.

Notable sigillists Edit

Notable Lovians who consider themselves interested or involved in the creation of seals are Prince Dimitri of Lovia, Arthur Jefferson, Yuri Medvedev, Pierlot McCrooke, Lars Washington, Robin Ferguson, George Matthews, Ferenc Szóhad and George Underhill.

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