Shepbeian Party
Shepbeian Party logo
Abbreviation SP
Leader Michael Cooper
Founded June 2015

██ Shepbeian blue

Ideology Libertarianism
Spectrum Centre-right
Lovian Politics
Close to CCPL, SNP
Far from CPL.nm, UL
0 / 100
State Council
0 / 1
Local Council
2 / 10
Michael Cooper
The Shepbeian Party is a Lovian political party that seeks to represent people living in Shepby and surrounding areas. Founded in June 2015, the party is hugely influential on Discovery Isle. Along with the Pudlian Party, it is considered one of two major political parties on the island. The party supports greater autonomy to Shepby, and the establishment of a council to solely represent the hamlet and its community. Its official stance is Libertarian and centre-right on the political spectrum, however it consists of members from across the spectrum.


On 1 June 2015, the majority of the population of Shepby gathered at the building in order to discuss how Shepby could become better represented ahead of the 2015 Sylvanian Local Council elections. A wide range of ideas were proposed, however the citizens felt a political party to represent Shepby would help the settlement gain a voice. On the same day, three votes were held, open to all citizens residing in Shepby and surrounding areas. The first vote would decide the official ideology of the party, however in order to create a more united party, it was agreed that members would be able to choose their own ideology. The second vote would decide the leader of the party, whilst the third vote would decide the chairman of the party.

A Libertarian stance, focused on greater autonomy to Shepby was chosen in the first vote. Michael Cooper, owner of a local business, received 53% of the vote, winning the second vote. Members decided that the third vote should be postponed in order to focus on the upcoming elections. They also felt that a congress consisting of twenty elected members would be a better option as opposed to a single chairman. Later that day, the party announced their candidates for the 2015 Sylvanian Local Council elections.




A new leader is elected when the previous leader resigns. The leader of the party must be a registered member, and reside in Shepby or surrounding areas. The current leader is Michael Cooper, elected alongside the foundation of the party. The leader is the most important figure in the party, however any decision made by the leader can be overturned by a majority of members.


The party looks to support its own members in Federal elections, Local council elections and State council elections. In the Sylvanian state elections, it will support a candidate from a considerably larger political party. Ahead of the Second 2015 state elections, a vote was held and the party will officially support the CCPL.

Notable membersEdit

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