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Sheba and Solomon is a Lovian film from 1947. The classic film in black and white was shot in the Lovian studios of Transbaum Films, as well as in Egypt.

The Cast Edit

Plot Edit

The Arrival of the Queen of Sheba: Sheba, along with a caravan of camels and guards, bring treasure to King Solomon. Solomon then seduces Sheba, and they fall in love. Solomon's wife becomes jealous and tries to poison Sheba and Solomon. She fails and ends up killing herself. Sheba and Solomon are so in love that they begin to neglect their duties as rulers. Without the rulers making the laws, there is chaos in both Solomon and Sheba's kingdoms. Solomon's chief minister is telling him to take control and end the problems, but Solomon is only interested in Sheba. When Sheba's husband learns of this madness, he prepares an army to attack Solomon. The gods Isis and Osiris (the movie isn't totally accurate; it uses Egyptian gods) come to Solomon and Sheba with one final plea; to end their love and spare the lives of the innocent that are going to die. The lovers are so preoccupied with each other they do not heed the gods' warnings. Sheba's husband arrives to fight Solomon, but Solomon has lost his strength and is not thinking well; he only thinks about Sheba. Solomon gets struck down by a mighty blow. Sheba is punished by the gods, and when her husband comes for her, he finds she has committed suicide to end her suffering.

Famous Facts Edit

  • The film is best known for the fiery relationship between Scott Tremoyne and Florentine Fortesque, which became public after the films release.

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