Name Severnybana
Language(s) Lovian English, English
Location Seal of Sylvania Sylvania; Peace Island

Severnybana (Slovak: Severná Baňa, IPA: /'sɛʋɛrna: 'baɲa/) is a Lovian hamlet in the state of Sylvania, close to Clave Rock. It lies on the northeastern side of the Emerald Mountains. Severnybana was founded by Slovakian settlers and it is heavily influenced by Slovakian culture and customs. The inhabitants of the settlement are predominantly of Slovakian and American origin.

The inhabitants of the hamlet still operate a coal mine, which is exploited by the Severnybana Mining Company (SMC), a collective company owned by the mine workers. The mine has brought prosperity to Severnybana and is the biggest employer in the region. The SMC has created lots of jobs in the region by only employing local workers. As a result, unemployment is at an all-time low in the hamlet and surrounding areas. Due to the disrupting nature of the company and the disastrous results for the surrounding woodland, the hamlet has been in a long-running dispute with the National Park Service.

Etymology Edit

Severnybana means "Northern Mine" in Slovakian. If the name were to be correctly transcribed, the settlement would be called "Severnabanya" or even "Severná-baňa" if the accents were accounted for. The incorrectly inflected and wrongly transliterated version persisted however, as the federal government in Noble City standardized the names of Sylvanian hamlets.

Theories on the origin of the wrong inflection vary, but nowadays it is considered to be influence from the nearby spoken Muzan Oceana dialect.