The Seven State Police was a Lovian police authority and the Local Police of the State of Seven, as the state Governor had chosen the State Police System. The Seven State Police was abolished August 29th, 2010, as part of the 2010 State Reform.

The bureau was headed by a Police Chief. Helen Johnson, appointed by the 2008 Governor, was the bureau's chief from 2008 through 2010.

Special recruits Edit

Seven State Police Badge


Uniquely, the Seven State Police was specialized in patrolling at sea and on the uninhabited islands. Due to the sensitive ecological nature of many areas under their jurisdiction, and the need for healthy individuals capable of functioning for extended periods in primitive conditions, the department had targeted much of their recruiting to the backpack-trekker, alpinist, and mountain-bike communities. Several members of the force had already visited the Himalayas prior to joining.

Vehicles Edit

State of the art Klein, Trek, or Mongoose bicycle according to preference; quads, saloons, and technicals. A lot of Toyotas and Subarus among the two latter.

Uniform Edit

Plain blue ball cap or white helmet, khaki shirt with shoulder flashes, navy blue trousers or shorts. Yellow coat as needed.

See also Edit

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