The Seven Botanical Garden is a botanical institute and public park in St Stephens, a neighborhood in Kinley.  The botanical garden was opened in the 1970s by local residents with support of the mayor of Kinley. The botanical garden houses North American and indigenuous Lovian species, as well as a small selection of tropical plants from Indonesia and South East Asia in a small greenhouse complex in the back.

The Seven Botanical Garden consists of four areas: Lovia, Mesoamerica/Asia and North America. The Lovian section has a couple of very ancient trees that were moved to the garden in the 1980s for research purposes. Two small pathways lead to a teahouse on top of a small artificial sand dune in the back. The institute for research on Lovian plants is situated right next to the entrance. The garden is open to the public free of charge, but can only be visited on weekdays and Saturdays between 8 AM and 10 PM. During the night, the garden is closed and protected by a guard to ensure nobody will steal any valuable plants from the garden.

The Seven Botanical Garden is sponsored by Warped Records, which holds a small eco-friendly music festival on the grassfield between the Lovian and North American section every second saturday of May. Other sponsors include the First National Bank and Little Mountain Bindery.

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