Selena Stravinsky Identity
Avatars-000187235759-yfbfli-t500x500 (2)
Name Selena Stravinsky
Full name Selena Venus Stravinsky
Sex Female Female
Born May 10, 1953, Flag of Russia Volgograd
Spouse Georgios Stravinsky
Home Seal of East Hills East Hills
Functions Entertainer, member of the Furry Fandom
Party affiliation CPL.nm
Languages English, Russian
Science of Mind

Selena Venus Stravinsky (Volgograd, May 10, 1953) is a Lovian entertainer, who was one of the earliest furries. She is still active in the fandom to this day. She lives in Casa Screwup, the private residence of local fursuiter Jack Foothold, on the outskirts of East Hills with her husband.

Her "fursona" is Selena Kitsy, a kitsune. Selena portrays the character using prosthetic makeup, dentures, and a fat suit.

Selena and her family fled from the Soviet Union when she was a baby. She studied Japanese folklore and myth in school, and decided to make a "animal character" to transform into. She created Selena Kitsy, and portrays her full-time.

The original Selena mask was an uncomfortable and dangerous papier maché mask, but then was switched to a more-user friendly latex-silicone mix prosthetic mask.

During the 1980's, she released hundreds of new wave, no wave, Hi-NRG, and Italo-Disco records in Lovia, with her band Selena and the Animals.

She is married to high-ranking ASBOL executive Georgios Stravinsky.

Equipment Edit

Selena is left-handed.

  • Gibson Flying V2 (1982 original, Candy Apple Red-colored, played left-handed and upside-down)
  • Ibanez Destroyer II (1982 original, Candy Apple Red-colored, played left-handed and upside-down)

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