S. castillo

Sebastian Castillo Zentner (born 1964, Train Village is a Lovian politician and leader of the Christian Democratic Union of Lovia. Castillo is a descendant of the supposed discoverer of Lovia, Miguel Castillo y Espada. His grandparents left Mexico following the revolution in the 1910s, and settled in TV. Castillo was born Juan Castillo, a doctor and Greta Zentner, a German teacher. He studied medicine in the 1980s and was briefly a doctor before deciding to enter politics. Castillo joined the CDUL in 2005 and became the leader in 2009. Politically he is a centrist, and is very outspoken against communism (mainly Stalinists) and fascism (neo-Nazis and such). He does, however have some left-and-right wing tendecies.

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