Sean Gibson Identity
Name Sean Gibson
Full name Sean Gibson
Sex Male Male
Born March 21, 1994, United States Boston
Spouse unmarried
Home Seal of Muza Muza
Functions Actor
Languages English, some Danish

Sean Gibson (Boston, March 21, 1994) is an American born Lovian actor, who first became known as a child actor. He lived in the United Kingdom for eight years (between 1994 and 2002). Because of his British accent, since 2002, Gibson plays the role of The Briton (official name; Mike Hodges) in the Lovian soap opera "Mother!".

He starred in the film Air Force in 2008, the script for which he cowrote with Jhon Lewis.

He currently lives in the Train Village neighborhood, Muza. His favourite holiday destination is Denmark and as a result of this, he has taught himself some Danish.

Cinematography Edit

Year Production Type of production
2002-now Mother! Lovian soap opera
2003 The Sunshine Wedding Lovian television film
2008 Air Force Lovian film
2010 Vertical Lovian film
2012 Three agents Lovian television series

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