Seamus McGullan I and III

Seamus McGullan I and III

Seamus McGullan can refer to any of the five prominent Newhaven farmers from the well-known McGullan family.

Seamus McGullan I Edit

Seamus McGullan I was a Irish American who emigrated to Lovia in 1899 after the attempted murder of his son Seamus McGullan, a well known but unscrupulous businessman.

He founded the McGullan Farm and attempted to begin a new life away from the atmosphere of fear that had dominated his life in the USA

Seamus McGullan II Edit

The least well known of the McGullans, he was a businessman whose attempted murder prompted the emigration of his family to Lovia. He did not get on well with his father, who described him as a 'wastrel'. He took little interest in the running of the farm and spent most of his time drinking in Newhaven, until his old enemies caught up with him and he was killed in a brawl in 1919.

Seamus McGullan III Edit

Seamus McGullan III

Seamus McGullan III

He was born in 1920 after the death of his father. Unlike him, the third McGullan got on very well with his grandfather and took an active interest in farm work. He was also a very clever man and his grandfather recognized this, eventually paying for him to study botany at Blackburn University.

He developed a great love for botany and the study of plants, becoming Lovia's most eminent botanist. He introduced a large number of foreign plants into Lovia, many of which had to be smuggled in and grown in secret on the family farm due to strict import regulations at the time. This collection would later form the basis of the King Lucas Park. The third McGullan died in July 2010 at the age of ninety, just in time to see the Park's construction completed.

Seamus McGullan IV Edit

The oldest McGullan now living, he was born in 1955. Like his father, he displayed a keen interst in botany, and attempted to make his father's plant collection more well known. He also became renowned for his botanical skill, although he specialised in the theoretical side of botany than his father had. In 2010, he was appointed the head botanist of the newly created King Lucas Park.

Seamus McGullan V Edit

Unlike his father and grandfather, he took little interest in the scientific study of plants, and prefered to remain only a farmer. He now runs the farm almost single-handedly, although supervised by his father, who has much more experience.

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