Scotland FC

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"Ffydd o Pêl-droed!"

Full name The Hurbanovan Scotish English Welsh and Irish Lions of Lovian Football
Date 1901 (unoffically); 1969 (officially)
Nicknames Skyllenn FC, Hurbanovan Scots and Irish
Club colors Red, Yellow, Blue
Sports Soccer and Rugby
Chairman Logan McPhearson
Headquarters Hurbadome, but they rarely play there

Scotland FC (Or Skyllenn FC, Hurbanovan Scots and Irish) was unofficially founded in 1901, at the peak of the now extinct Hamlet, Scotland. The team only had 15 members and mostly played Rugby. In 1904, after the hamlet was left, the soccer team moved to Hurbanova. From 1910-1965 the team only played Rugby Union but did not have enough players so they never played against anyone, In 1929 the team's constitution only allows Hurbanovans, Scottish, Irish, English, Welsh, or people of ancestors from the hamlet Scotland. In 1969 the soccer team finally had enough players to play against a team, they lost there first ever game against the Scottish National Soccer Team 7-1. From 1970-2000 The team played annually against the Sheckin Lads, SFC had 5 Wins, 10 Loses, and 15 Draws. In 2002 they played there first game against Luca Union and lost 3-1. From 2001-2008 the annual game between the Lads and SFC was put on hold for reasons unknown. In 2005 they played two games. One against the L.A. Galaxy, losing 4-2 and tying the LU 1-1. In the late May of 2010 the Rugby Union team played it's first game ever losing against the London Irish 78-17. The soccer players also play the team's rugby's games.

Among Scotland's best players was Stefan Kamphuis, who led the team to consecutive LFA Supercup wins in 1999 and 2000.

Current Roster Edit

No. Country/Nationality Position Player
1 American-Scot GK Matt Jordan
2 Scotland DF John McGregor
3 England DF Adam Braz
5 Jamican-Scot DF Nevio Pizzolitto (captain)
6 Lovian-Scot DF Tyler Hemming
7 Hurbanova MF David Testo
8 Ireland MF Jack Eogh
9 Lovian-Irish MF Eoghan Murphy
10 Lovian-Welsh FW Kirrby Zoik
11 Italian-Scot MF Leonardo Di Lorenzo
14 lovian-Welsh MF Paulie Jackson
No. Position Player
15 Canadian-Scot MF Patrick Leduc
19 French-English FW Ian Marche
21 French-English MF Philippe Billy
23 French-Irish MF Stephen de Roux
24 Lovian-English DF Ian Harrison
26 American-Irish MF Frank McCraken
28 Lovian-Scotish FW Peter Byers
30 Hurbanovan MF Nick McCarest
32 Lovian-Welsh MF Kevin Cossette
40 Lovian-English GK Sam Gerotsk
48 Northern Ireland DF Harry Iost