The Sarria Family is a family of Brunant that is also in Lovia and Spain.

History of the Sarria FamilyEdit

The Sarria Family is a family that originally is from Niesburg. The head of the family was Carles Sarria. He was a swords maker in Niesburg in the 19th century. 

David went to Spain in 1900 and he had a family there. But his sons were in the republican army and they died in the Battle of Mérida, 1936, in the Civil War.

Family TreeEdit

  • Carles Sarria (1827-1891) x Clarisa van Donck
    • Andreus Sarria (1852-1908)
      • David Sarria (1874-1837) x Elena Ribas
        • Miquel Sarria (1901-1936) x Marta Costa
          • Silvia Sarria x Francisco Granados
        • Pedro Sarria (1903-1936)
        • Martin Sarria (1905-1936)
      • Victoria Sarria (1877-1969)
      • Juan Sarria (1880-1939)
        • Cristove Sarria (1907-1990) x Sara Liesneck
          • Jose Sarria (1931-2006) x Isabela Viergens (1943-)
            • Aina Sarria (1973-) x Felix Abbes (1965)
              • ​Clara Abbes (2004)
        • ​Antonio Sarria (1908-1987) x Diana House (1909-2000)
          • ​Martin Sarria (1930-1978) x Sarah Boynes (1935-)
    • Maria Sarria (1855-1870)

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