Sarah Lambert 2

Sarah Rachel Lambert (born December 8, 1965) is a Lovian politician and academic, who briefly served as the Minister of Family, Youth and Elderly in the Whithdonck-Malsky I Government.

Lambert was born into a middle-class family in Noble City, the daughter of a dental surgeon and a librarian. She entered academia shortly after leaving university, and for several years taught feminist literary theory at Blackburn University.

Lambert was formerly a member of Lovian Future, and was elected to Congress from the party's list at the Federal Elections, 2015. However, Lambert soon made headlines for speaking out against party policy, notably being the only Lovian Future member to support Anna Maria Whithdonck-Malsky's socialist tax proposal in 2015. Later that year, Lambert attracted further attention after being accused by Anietka Przwalsky-Malsky of having caused the death of her son Vladek. Lambert was not found guilty of any crime, and later remarked that she was "glad to be accused of manslaughter, as it clearly brought (her) into the public eye like never before".

In June 2015, Lambert was a candidate in her party's deputy leadership election, although was eliminated in the first ballot. She subsequently left the party, citing policy disagreements with leader Katie Conroy, and now sits as a political independent.

Lambert is also a vocal opponent of the CCPL and other conservative Christian political organisations, herself being a self-professed atheist. Lambert maintains that the CCPL and its allies undermine civil liberties and personal freedoms in Lovia. In 2017, she described herself as a "republican eco-socialist", commenting that she regrets having been a member of Lovian Future, believing it to be too moderate in its policies, and that she was "only there for the republicanism".

Lambert is married to Ed Lambert, and lives in Noble City with her two sons.

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